AIM Benelux Demo Area

Three demonstrations will take place during the breaks of the EU Fresh Info Forum on 30 November.
These demo's will take place in the special Demo Area in the Lounge. 

The schedule for the AIM benelux demo area is:

Demo 1: 10.30 - 10.45

Demo 2 : 12.45 - 13.00

Demo 3 : 14.45 - 15.00

Mieloo & Alexander

Mieloo & Alexander delivers UHF RFID
solutions for a Track & Trace system that not
only registers RTI’s but also, by connecting it to
barcodes, the products on the RTI’s.



Using a Zebra mobile device scan package to
be shipped and associated sensor tag. Once
pairing occurs, sensor data and shipment
information are updated in Zebra EAI cloud
and begin monitoring. Sensor reports readings
in real-time and updates information in Zebra
EAI cloud. Application also publishes historic
data for analysis and feedback.


Babbler is an IoT smart seal for supply chains.
It consists of a small battery powered device
that is easily fixed to the inside of shipping
containers or trucks. The device connects to a
user friendly mobile app and online dashboard
costs and paperwork by sharing an online

Gold sponsors



Indicium offers solutions for mobile data
processing, usually based on automatic
identification (AIDC) such as barcode, RFID
and Voice. This concept saves a lot of time
and improves the quality of logistic processes.
During the EU Fresh Info Forum, Indicium will
show you the possibilities for Printing, Labels &
Supplies for the fresh produce sector.



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