Overview 2015


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Overview EU Forum 2015

"Three very inspiring days"
EU fresh & Info Forum Round Table 2015

"We have had three very inspiring days. We now know what datahuggers, ABCDEF’s and Blue Numbers are. It has become clear to us that we need standards for information on cultivation and that social media can make us wiser about consumers. But even more important is that we now all realize that not participating in horticulture 4.0 is not an option.” This is what Harrij Schmeitz of Frug I Com said in his wrap up of the second edition of the EU Fresh & Info Forum Round Table.

He also emphasised that there is reason enough to see each other again next year. "Because we're not there yet." In 2016 we will in any case look at sensors, both for cultivation, the supply chain as the consumer. Schmeitz: "Because this is what’s coming next. Indeed, they are already here, will turn our world upside down and we need to start working with them!"

Day 1 : Forum


"The first day revealed that there are still some hurdles to be taken before the potential of the digital revolution can be fully exploited. The development of algorithms and standards, data privacy, convincing data 'huggers' to share them anyway and especially the adoption of new technological opportunities by entrepreneurs, deserve our attention" 

Presentation by Jumbo’s J. Hulleman. "According to him, retailers demand more and more data from their growers. And these are not requirements, these are demands."

"At the end of day one it was highlighted where things might lead to. Fruitday is a fruitwebshop for the Chinese market. Founder L. Zhao told the audience that, at one time, they sold 108 tonnes of American cherries within ten days. And there is plenty more where that came from; the Chinese e-commerce market for fresh produce is immense, with a penetration rate of only 1%!"

Day 2: Plenary sessions


The second day of the EU Fresh Info Forum & Round Table is traditionally a day of 'cherry picking'. Participants could choose from as many as 55 sessions. But before the cherries could be picked, P. Rosell of GS1 in Europe again stressed that the adoption and especially the implementation of standards, is the greatest challenge for our sector: "But if everyone participates, we will all benefit.” According to Rosell a transparent supply chain is necessary because consumers want to make informed decisions. Krijn Poppe of LEI Wageningen UR agrees with that, but he also stressed that interaction with consumers at the moment still causes headaches. Consumer, for instance, do not regard all information as interesting. Moreover, the consumer does not exist. If only it were that simple.

Fresh Technology Tour


Pre-programme: Fresh Technology Tour

Prior to the conference there was the Fresh Technology Tour on Monday November 30th. Participants visited the APM terminals Maasvlakte 2, Nature's Pride, Priva and Rijk Zwaan and got a picture of state of the art technology from logistics to production.

See Technology Tour. 

Day 2: Roundtables


In the afternoon there were roundtables covering four themes; Supply 4.0, 4.0 Cultivation 4.0, Standards 4.0 and Point of Sale 4.0. There was also the possibility to learn about GS1- and IFPSstandards for cultivation, trade and retail, in so-called "speedlearningsessions'. In 'Technology for Dummies’ sessions people were educated in ERP, AUTO ID and CRM. Furthermore, there were sessions devoted to best practices concerning the use of ICT and information by produce companies. Finally, in the ‘Solutions Challenge’ apps were demonstrated that for instance help make estimations of the harvest per day, compare prices on other markets ("market or move?") and offer insight into water usage.

Day 1: Running Dinner


Just like last year, a running dinner was served. At the stunning Rotterdam Market Hall.

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