9.00- 11.00 Plenary sessions: Why, how & what?

Data driven retail: from general to personal
Tim Hehenkamp, Director Data & Personalisation, Jumbo retail, NL

Technology: It can work!
Tom Quets, Chief Information Officer, Capespan Global, BE

How can we make technology work for crops & growers?
Mike Poodt, Business Consultant Innovations, Rijkzwaan, NL


11.00- 15.30 Parallel sessions: what's happening?


Produce 4.0 sessions

Fruit 4.0
Patricia Hoogervorst, NFO (NL)
Theo Thewessen, HAS Den Bosch (NL)

Field 4.0
Corne Kempenaar, CHA Vilentum (NL)

Glas 4.0
Allison Kopf, Agrilyst (USA)

Chain 4.0 sessions

Logistics 4.0
Port 4.0: From Wharf to an Information-driven Service Hub

Trade 4.0
Cindy van Rijswick, Rabobank (NL)
Frederik Smoes, Euro Pool Systems (NL)

Quality 4.0
Maartje Vullings, Fruitmasters (NL)

Tech 4.0 Roundtables

Data 4.0
Jerry Tracey, GS1 Nederland (NL)

Robotics 4.0
Jesse de Baerdemaker, KU Leuven (BE)
Panel Discussion

Blockchain 4.0
Ad Kroft, Blockchain Coalition (NL)
Panel Discussion

15.30- 17.00 Plenary: Whats next?

Next stop? Internet-of-plants
Prof. Peter Steeneken, TU Delft & Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, NL

Erik Jan Koedijk, Inspirator & Author of "Reset", NL

The technology for disruption in Agri & Food is here: is the EU ready for IT?
Jan Huitema, Member of the European Parliament



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