Tejas Bhatt, Walmart, USA

 LinkedIN Profile Tejas Bhatt
Vice President Food Safety

Transparancy in the Next Gear
Download the presentation (pdf) 

Tim Hehenkamp, Jumbo retail, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Tim Hehenkamp
Director Data & Personalisation

Data driven retail; from general to personal.

THE customer does not exist. So it's essential to insight on the journey of customers and there reactions on the products in our shelves and on our webpages. Tim Hehenkamp takes you with him in his vision on how data is becoming the key-driver in the next generation of retail and there journey with the customer.


Prof. Peter Steeneken, TU Delft, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Prof. Peter Steeneken
Professor TU Delft & KAVLI Institute of Nanoscience

Interview: Next? Internet-of-plants

The creation of an ‘internet of cyber plants’ that will combat food shortages and result in more insight in regional weather patterns and pollution. These are the goals of a research programme ‘High Tech for a Sustainable Future’.  Plantenna is one of five projects were in internet-of-plants is created by the use of nano-sensors. The questions are: Can plants control there own crop? Or can plants talk to growers?

Patricia Hoogervorst, NFO, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Patricia Hoogervorst

Owner PHOOcus
Growers 4.0; Get them in; move them up
Download the presentation (pdf)

In the first edition of the EU FRESH INFO Forum & Roundtables we put Proff. Salah Sukkareih of the ACFR in a workshop Fruit4.0 for a group of Dutch Apple & Pear growers. Since then a lot happened. In 2017 the Fruit4.0 project started wich is now nominated for the Dutch Computable Awards as on of the most innovative projects in ICT for SME's in the Netherlands. But how to you get and keep growers which are unaware of new technology on board in a project like this?

Dirk Vandenhirtz, Zasso the digital herbicide, DE

 LinkedIN Profile Dirk Vanderhirtz

CEO Zasso Group AG
The next herbicide is digital?
Download the presentation (pdf) 

New technologies like electric weeding are coming into the market. How are those developments disrupting the way of growing we do today and what opportunities they bring to the fresh produce grower. Dirk van Hirtzen takes you with him into his vision on the next disruption in weeding. 

Peter Hendriks, LetsGrow.com, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Peter Hendriks

Business Unit Manager
The challenge of data collection on the farm

On the farm, and especially in greenhouses, we know there is a lot of data available in all kinds of equipment and informationsystems. But how can you connect this data to transform them into information on which the grower can optimize his growing. Peter Hendriks takes you with him on his experiences on the challenge of connecting data in the greenhouses.

Fredrik Smoes, Euro Pool Systems, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Fredrik Smoes

Director of Marketing, New Business & Innovation
More with less?

There is a lot of pressure in the fresh supply chain on the use of packaging. This is creating a prisoner's dilemma. Less (one way) packaging could mean more waste of product. This brings great challenges to trade and growers on how to bring the product to the table, without quality loss in the supply chain, and without creating additional waste. A smart use of the combination of existing returnable packaging and new technology may solve this problem. Fredrik Smoes will share the Euro Pool System vision on this.

Jerry Tracey, GS1 Nederland, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Jerry Tracey

Sector Manager
The next level in Data; Dataquality

The next level in data for the food supply chain is not just about more data. Its about correct data to be deliverd direct form the datasource to the data user. J. Treacy of GS1 Netherlands takes you with him into his experiances to get the masterdata of articles right and trusted.

Theo Thewessen, HAS University of Applied Science, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Theo Thewessen

Professor HAS University of Applied Science
From static food chains to data driven food networks
Download the presentation (pdf) 

Datafication not just a means to optimize your business process. In the agro-food chain, from farm to fork, data will be a basis voor new connections, value creation and co-creation.  All kind of services in the food chain, like farming(production), processing, packaging, delivering and marketing will in near future be driven data platforms: E-marketplaces where supply and demand meet in a new dynamically linked, networked environment.

Tom Quets, Capespan Global, BE

 LinkedIN Profile Tom Quets
Chief Information Officer

Technology: IT can Work!

The technology is there but why does it take so much effort to get it rolling in the fresh produce business? Tom Quets, CIO at Capespan, a fruit servicing and production company with South African roots has the challenge to get the digital transformation <ON> in a global company from farm to plate, from tree to distributioncentre. It is about the challenge of managing technology change in fresh produce and the people who work there. 

Erik Jan Koedijk, Inspirator & Author, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Erik Jan Koedijk
Communications & Internet strategist & author of bestseller RESET!

RESET! Connecting people

About the importance of good communication within and outside your company. It’s time for a Reset! This keynote takes you through the changing time of communication
demonstrating that ‘just as normal’ is a good recipe. About how technology supports communication across generations. What does this mean for staff and management? How can you get rid of many e-mails and meetings to boost energy?

Corné Kempenaar, University of Applied Sciences Aeres & Wur, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Cornë Kempenaar

Professor Precision Farming
Precisionfarming; What's Next
Download the presentation (pdf) 

Especially in the open field growing the use of precision farming technology is booming. What are the developments on this area, what are the challenges and how does this benefit the farmer AND the supply chain. An overview from today towards tomorrow, or was it yesterday..

Freek Brilleman, BeSCOPE Solutions BV, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Freek Brilleman

Co-owner & Managing Partner
Port 4.0; From wharf to an information driven service hub
Download the presentation (pdf)

The port of Rotterdam made a study on how technology, like blockchain, is disrupting the port of the future. And what are the opportunities for Fresh Produce? How are we transforming from a physical asset management towards a digital service hub as port. Results of this discussion are presented.

Maartje Beem-Vullings, Royal Fruitmasters, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Maartje Beem-Vullings

Manager Business Support
Download the presentation (pdf) 

The impact from data on quality control systems is huge. More and more we see recalls on the fact the data on the labels, or the website is not <OKAY>. So not because the fruit and vegetables are unsafe; but the data is incorrect. Maartje Beem-Vullings, nominated for Food Quality manager of the year in the Netherlands, gives you her opinion on the impact of data for our industry. 

Ad Kroft, Dutch Blockchain Coalition, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Ad Kroft

Program Manager
Blockchain; More than a database?
Download the presentation (pdf)

Blockchain is the probably the most talked technology of this time. But what is it? And how can it help companies and governement to get advantages out of it? 

Allison Kopf, Agrylist, USA

 LinkedIN Profile Allison Kopf

Founder & CEO Agrylist|
Yielding the best results from your technology investment
Download the presentation (pdf)

All across the globe new innovations from data to robotics are being introduced on the farm.  This means growers now have better insight into their overall operations and they can do more with less. But with the flood of new technologies, growers run the risk of overspending without results.  We'll share what technologies are working now and how to implement, what needs more time, and where we think the market is going so that growers can make smarter decisions about what to implement across their farm.

Mike Poodt, Rijkzwaan, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Mike Poodt
Business Consultant Innovations

How can we make technology work for crops & Growers?

The technology industry is in a fast forward stage in the use of robotics, vision, artificial intellegence and bigdata with the promise to the grower "it helps you.." ? But does it help ? And what should be done te get it helping in growings crops and managing farms if it can help?

Jan Huitema, EU Parliament

 LinkedIN Profile Jan Huitema

Member of the European Parliament, VVD, ALDE Group

The technology for disruption in Agri & Food is here: is the European Union ready for IT

The AgFood industry is rapidly changing by adopting new technologies in production and trade. The questions is how regulations for farmers and trade are following those changes. A view on this development by Jan Huitmea , member of the European Parlement.

Josse de Beardemaker, University of Leuven, BE

 LinkedIN Profile Josse de Beardemaker

Division of Mechatronics, Biostatistics and Sensors (MeBIOS)
Challenges in building robots for horticulture

Building a robot for greenhouse crops looks easy.  All the technology is there so it should work, right? But often it doesn't. One of the reasons is that, for robots, working with a living object is different from working in a steady environment. Prof. Beardmaker elaborates on his experiences with robotics in Horticulture and do's and don'ts in this environment.

Cindy van Rijswick, Rabobank, NL

 LinkedIN Profile Cindy van Rijswick

Senior Industry Analyst Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
From offline to online; impact on trade
Download the presentation (pdf)

The retail channels are changing fast due to the upcoming of the online channel and again the step from traditional online-retailers into off-line (o-to-o). The question is what the impact is of this changing retail arena for the trade of fruit and vegetables. 

Jonathan Berte, Robovision BVBA, BE

 LinkedIN Profile Jonathan Berte

From human impression to facts

It is a fact that the control control and sorting in the fruit & vegetable supply chain is getting stricter. Hereby technology like vision, deeplearning and articifical intellegigence are setting a new directoin for qualitycontrol on the product. Measured facts are hereby taking over from human impressions in the grading of fruit & vegetables. Jonathan Berte takes you with him in his vision how new technologies are changing the next generation of quality control.



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