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How to get there

About the location

The city of Rotterdam and the EU Forum have been inseperable from the start. Already, this is the third year that the EU Forum takes place in this bustling city. Why Rotterdam? Click here to find out!



Refreshments & Networking

Refreshments & Networking

Morning Plenary Sessions

The program will start with addressing the impact of the CHANGE of the GAME in the Fresh Produce sector. Keynote speakers such as Steven Martina (CEO The Greenery) will highlight the impact that new technology has on the customer and the entire supply chain. 

Breakout Sessions

In the breakout sessions, six themes will be addressed that are essential for companies not to be on Gartners’ EXIT-list.  Gartner predicted that “Digital business incompetence” will cause a quarter of businesses to lose competitive ranking in 2017.

First Round of Breakout Sessions

Data quality; 
Together with GS1 Nederland, we go into detail on how data quality is essential for fresh in retail supply.

Farm data;
More and more data from the farm is needed in the supply chain. Results from the Farm Digital Research & Innovation Program will be presented here.

Drones, robots and sensors are entering our sector: an update on major developments.

Second Round of Breakout Sessions

Without logistics, there will be no fruit and vegetables on your plate. But what does the logistics of the future look like?

Fact Driven;
BIGdata is changing the decision making process in fresh produce: from managing with our own green fingers to model based decisions: an update on how data is the oil of your company.

Capability Of Change;
One of the major issues is the capability needed to change the use of new technology in a company. It requires change of business processes, change of competences needed but also entails the struggle with fear of the unknown. In this breakout session, special attention will be given to this process of change and the people who have to implement it.

Game over?

This will leave you with the question: should I do something or do I need to wait? In an outlook called ‘Trendz! On to 2030 the impact on the fresh game ’ renowned speaker Richard van Hooijdonk gives you the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of future trends and the impact on fruits and vegetables.

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