Frug I Com

Frug I Com is an unique collaboration of the Dutch Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit chain, further referred to as AGF chain. The ultimate goal is to establish electronic exchange of information between the participants in AGF by means of  uniform labelling and using electronic messages. 

Information standards allow companies within the AGF to make optimum use of the information available in the AGF chain and to apply it to order processing, tracing of products, optimising logistics and quality improvements. 

Every year, Frug I Com organises the EU FRESH INFO Forum & Roundtables in the Netherlands: the leading event on information management in Fresh Produce.

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Fresh Produce Centre


The organisation that speaks with one voice on behalf of the fruit and vegetable sector. In early 2014 Frugi Venta and DPA, the Dutch Produce Association, established the Fresh Produce Centre, an interest group for trading companies and growers' associations involved in the sale of fruit and vegetables. Fresh Produce Centre focuses primarily on six core themes: Nutrition & Health, Food Safety & Quality, Market Issues & Statistics and Logisitcs & ICT, Labour and the Common Agricultural Policy. Fresh Produce Centre website

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GS1 in Europe


GS1 in Europe: harmonised standards and solutions for European Business. Many companies consider Europe to be one market. Companies want to be sure that the investments they make in supply chain management solutions can be applied not just in one country but anywhere in an entire region- or the whole world.

One European market creates huge possibilities but also new challenges for your business. Themes like just-in-time delivery, counterfeiting, shrinkage and out-of-stock all get a new, more sophisticated dimension in the perspetive of the growing Europe. Smoothly implemented global standards are a key-factor for effective and efficient supply chain management. A European approach by GS1 member. 

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The International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) is a collective of national produce associations from around the globe. The long term objective of the federation is to improve the supply chain efficiency of the fresh produce industry through developing, implementing and managing harmonized international standards.

The working fields of IFPS are food safety, product identification (f.i. PLU) and chain information management.

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