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Learn how the Fresh Produce game is changing

Learn how the Fresh Produce game is changing

Information(technology) is changing the game in Fresh Produce. This is the central theme of the 3rd EU FRESH INFO Forum & Roundtables. For the third time in succession, Frug I Com will organize this leading industry event on information management, information-standardization and information technology and development in fresh produce.  The event will take place at the SS Rotterdam. 

Zoetermeer, 20 October 2016 – Information technology is changing all industries. Disruptive technologies pave the way for new companies and new concepts. Who would have thought that Uber would be reorganizing the taxi-business without a single taxi or that Air BNB would be the biggest hotel without hotel rooms. New players, new game; but what is the impact on the game in fresh produce?

The third edition of the EU FRESH INFO Forum takes place at the SS Rotterdam on 29 and 30 November in close collaboration with GS1 in Europe, the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) and the Fresh Produce Centre. 

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New speaker at EU Forum: Avishai Trabelsi on the Uber-concept for pallets

New speaker at EU Forum: Avishai Trabelsi on the Uber-concept for pallets

Trabelsi will address the question: is the Uber-concept a possibility for pallets? Every day “last minute” pallets are shipped around in almost empty trucks in fresh. By collecting this space in an online marketplace for shippers and carriers, companies can benefit from unutilized cargo space in trucks, in the same way people use the Uber taxi’s. 

The platform monitors available trucks with empty space from multiple sources, analyses it in real-time and produces “empty space” database for businesses to utilise. The platform aims to improve efficiency and increase overall profit in the road freight industry for domestic trade by changing the field of supply and demand through a matchmaking perspective based on empty cargo space.

Avishai Trabelsi has extensive experience and knowledge in logistics and the land freight transportation industry as the former CEO of his family's trucking company. He was highly involved in the export and production stages of agricultural produce and road transportation. More information about Avishai Trabelsi can be found at our speaker page. 

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